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Courses - Spring 2022
Teaching and Learning about Cultural Diversity through Intergroup Dialogue: Dialogue Facilitation Practicum
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Cross-listed with: CHSE338J, CPSP369J.
Credit only granted for: CHSE338J, HONR338J, or CPSP369J.
Engages students, from one or more cultural identity groups, in facilitated dialogue about the similarities and differences of experience that exist within a group and/or between and across groups. The goal of intergroup dialogue is for students to develop comfort with, and skill for, discourse on identity-based topics toward the end of fostering positive, meaningful, and sustained cross-group relationships. Whereas in debate, students learn to listen to gain advantage, in intergroup dialogue, students learn to listen to gain understanding. In so doing, students develop increased multicultural interaction facility, heightened intergroup awareness and sensitivity, and greater commitment to civic engagement.
Restricted to students in the Honors College and College Park Scholars.
(Perm Req)
Maryland General Assembly Writing Internship
Credits: 6
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F
Prerequisite: ENGL381 or HONR368A.
Restriction: Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0; and must have earned a minimum of 60 credits; and must be admitted to the MGA program.
Cross-listed with: ENGL388M.
Credit only granted for: ENGL388M or HONR379W.
Experiential learning at the Maryland General Assembly (early January through early April). Interns participate in standard office tasks, research legislative issues, and draft legislative texts such as constituent letters, notes on bills, newsletters, policy memos, and testimony. Specific assignments vary according to the host legislator's needs and the intern's schedule.
Prerequisite: permission of department and completion of either ENGL381 or HONR368A. Cross-listed with ENGL388M. Credit granted for ENGL388M or HONR379W.