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Courses - Spring 2019
Animal Science
Equine Reproductive Management
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg
Prerequisite: ANSC232.
Credit only granted for: ANSC237 or INAG233.
Additional information: Course participation will include nightly checks of mares in the two weeks prior to parturition, and out-of-class time imprinting and working with newborn foals.
Students learn the fundamental skills necessary to manage an equine breeding herd including anatomy/physiology of genital tracts, estrus detection, manipulation of the estrous cycle, semen collection, pre- and post-foaling techniques, infertility, and health and nutrition of the mare, foal and stallion. Students will be required to spend ~ 30 hours during the spring semester caring for broodmares and foals and attending at least one foaling and estrous detection checks on broodmares outside of regularly scheduled class time.
Students must pay a $50.00 lab materials fee.