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Courses - Fall 2019
Geographical Sciences Department Site
Mobile GIS and Geocomputing
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg
Prerequisite: Permission of BSOS-Geography department; or must be enrolled in Geographical Sciences MPS or graduate certificate program.
Recommended: Students taking the course must be familiar with data structures, basic GIS concepts, and demonstrate basic understanding of object-oriented programming under GIS environment.
Credit only granted for: GEOG477, GEOG498V, GEOG788V or GEOG777.
Additional information: Tablets that run android and iOS will be loaned to registered students at no cost.
An introduction to mobile GIS, to the programming concepts underlying mobile GIS development, and to the design and implementation of a mobile GIS application. Covers how to develop, test, and publish mobile GIS native apps working across two mobile platforms: Android and iOS. Leverages the capabilities of JavaScript, Swift, Google maps, ArcGIS Server and runtime SDK to developing and publishing mobile GIS apps.