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Courses - Fall 2019
Geographical Sciences Department Site
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, Aud
Prerequisite: 24 credits in GEOG courses.
Restriction: Students taking the course must be familiar with data structures, basic GIS and RS concepts, and demonstrate basic understanding of using GIS and RS software. And must be enrolled in Geographical Sciences MPS or graduate certificate program; or permission of BSOS-Geography department.
An independent research project that demonstrates competence in geospatial intelligence technologies. This project can originate from an internship, from relevant work at a current or past employer, or can be developed in conjunction with a department faculty. The student will prepare a project report and presentation which shall contain an executive summary, background information including a literature review and establishment of requirements, a detailed technical description of the project data and methods, a discussion of results obtained, and final conclusions and recommendations. The final project submission will include all data, computer code and/or workflow documentation required to replicate the project results. In completing this project, students develop a concrete example of how GEOINT technologies can be applied to solve real-world problems, and begin developing a portfolio that can be presented to potential employers.