The university continues to monitor the circumstances related to the pandemic. Spring 2021 course offerings are set. However, the course delivery methods and locations are still being updated and will be finalized in the Schedule of Classes by December 4, 2020.
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Courses - Summer 2020
Survey Methodology Department Site
Introduction to Web Scraping with R
Credits: 1
Grad Meth: Reg, Aud
Prerequisite: Students are expected to be familiar with the statistical software R.
Recommended: Knowledge about the tidyverse packages, in particular, dplyr, plyr, magrittr, and stringr.
Restriction: Permission of BSOS-Joint Program in Survey Methodology department.
Provides a condensed overview of web technologies and techniques to collect data from the web in an automated way. To this end, students will use the statistical software R. The course introduces fundamental parts of web architecture and data transmission on the web. Furthermore, students will learn how to scrape content from static and dynamic web pages and connect to APIs from popular web services. Finally, practical and ethical issues of web data collection are discussed.