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Courses - Spring 2022
University Honors
Uprising, Riot, Revolt: Violence in Story and Theory
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg
How does violence connect to revolution? Is violence the result of lone wolf actors, oppressive social structures, or just blind fate? Is it a side-effect of revolution or its driving force? Is violence a way to fight injustice, or is it a problem of evil? Why is one person's uprising another person's riot? In this seminar, we will explore literature, politics, and religion to debate the meaning and causes of violence. By examining the writings of a prison psychiatrist, historians, activists, theorists, and theologians alongside classic and contemporary literary works, we will disrupt common understandings of violence. In conducting interviews with community members, engaging in classroom debate, and sharing ideas in a project-poster session, we will investigate violence in the UMD community and wider DC area, and propose ways toward revolutionary change.
iestricted to UH students matriculating in Fall 2020 or later.

This course is part of the Revolution cluster. Revolution courses will not be offered after spring 2022, so you should only take HNUH218X if you have previously completed HNUH218A, which is the required I-Series course in this cluster. HNUH218A was last offered in the winter session (January 2022) and will not be offered again.