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Courses - Spring 2022
University Honors
Climate in Crisis: Politics and Ethics
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg
This theory and practice track examines theoretical frameworks for understanding climate change and concrete cases that shed light on the complexity of managing it. In this, the theoretical component of the Climate in Crisis track, we investigate the nature of global public goods and questions about how best to provide them in a situation of multiple actors (states, NGOs, local and indigenous communities); climate change policy and justice; and the intersection of climate change with concerns about biodiversity conservation, food security, migration, and local development. Learning from this broad range of material gives students the complex perspective they need to grapple with the climate crisis. In 229P, students will complement this work with hands-on engagement at the level of Federal policy and legislation.
Restricted to University Honors students who matriculated in Fall2020 or later.

HNUH229T pairs with HNUH229P to complete the "Climate in Crisis" Theory/Practice track. This pair of courses can be taken in any order. This track will be offered at least through the 2021-22 academic year.