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Courses - Fall 2022
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Numerical Methods For Stationary PDEs
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, Aud
Prerequisite: One graduate level course in partial differential equations or one graduate level course in numerical analysis or scientific computing; or permission of instructor.
Credit only granted for: AMSC 714 or AMSC 614.
Formerly: AMSC614.
Additional information: This course is a complement to the graduate courses MATH 673 and MATH 674 in PDEs, AMSC 666 in numerical analysis, and AMSC 660 and AMSC 661 in scientific computing.
Topics include: Maximum principle, finite difference method, upwinding, error analysis; Variational formulation of elliptic problems, inf-sup theory; The finite element method and its implementation; Piecewise polynomial interpolation theory in Sobolev spaces; A priori and a posteriori error analyses, adaptivity; Fast solvers; Variational crimes; Mixed finite element methods.