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Courses - Summer 2023
Engineering, Civil Department Site
Project Administration
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, Aud
Principles of project administration procedures from the viewpoint of a resident project manager or project engineer on a construction or engineering project. The course specifically addresses the project administration responsibilities of the project manager or project engineer in the engineering, design, or construction industries. Students with a background in the private sector or the government sector will benefit. The course takes a project team approach for improved job efficiency, outlining a project team operation in which the office project administrator delegates to the greatest possible extent all those project administrative functions that can be done more efficiently in the field. The class also addresses the responsibilities and risks that a project administrative manager is likely to encounter. The course is suitable for students, engineering and design professionals, project managers, experienced contract administrators, and owners interested in the special administrative problems of engineering or construction.
Class has weekly videoconferencing.