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Courses - Fall 2023
Behavioral and Social Sciences
Ensuring your Financial Future Through Stock Investing
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Credit only granted for: BSOS289I or BSOS201.
Formerly: BSOS289I.
Additional information: No prior knowledge of the stock market or investing is expected or required.
Introduces students to investing and trading, with special emphasis on the field of technical analysis. Planning for one's financial future is a critical skill for all students. Students will learn how to evaluate companies using the investors.com website and the TC2000 stock charting program. Students will develop an idea of the risks and benefits of investing, establishing a savings strategy, opening an IRA, and strategically planning for future financial security. In addition to readings, lectures, and online videos, students will participate in virtual stock market trading exercises and manage a virtual account.