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Courses - Fall 2024
Asian American Studies Department Site
Open Seats as of
07/19/2024 at 10:30 PM
Introduction to Asian American Studies
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F
Cross-listed with: AMST298C.
Credit only granted for: AAST200 or AMST298C.
The aggregate experience of Asian Pacific Americans, from developments in the countries of origin to their contemporary issues. The histories of Asian Pacific American groups as well as culture, politics, the media, and stereotypes, viewed from an interdisciplinary perspective.
Asian American History
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Cross-listed with: HIST221.
Credit only granted for: AAST201 or HIST221.
Introduction to the history of Asian Americans and Asians in the United States and the Americas and to the field of Asian American Studies, from an interdisciplinary perspective. Topics include theories of race and ethnicity; Asian migration and diaspora to the Americas; Asian American work and labor issues; gender, family, and communities; nationalism and nativism, and anti-Asian movements; Asian Americans in World War II, the Cold War, and the issues in the civil rights & post-civil rights era.
Asian American Psychology
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Cross-listed with: PSYC262.
Credit only granted for: PSYC262, AAST262 or PSYC489Z.
Formerly: PSYC489Z.
An overview of how socio-cultural influences impact the development and psychological health of Asian Americans. Other topics include how minority group status, adaptation and identity development influence various aspects of psychological functioning; the role of historic systematic racism; and, how the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted Asian Americans. Students develop a deeper understanding of the role of stereotypes and racism, acculturation, racial identity development, cultural values, gender socialization, behavioral norms, family roles, stressors and social support systems on the mental health, well-being and health of Asian Americans.
Asian Americans and Media
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F
Credit only granted for: AAST351, AAST398M or AAST398N.
Formerly: AAST398M, AAST398N.
From yellow peril invaders to model minority allies, Asian Americans have crafted their own dynamic cultural expressions in a number of media from film, television, and music to fashion, sports, and food that reveal and contest the contradictions of the U.S. nation-state. Asian American culture also uniquely sits at the nexus of immigration flows and digital technologies, providing a transnational lens to view the US place in the world. This advanced course, then, will introduce students to the study and practice of Asian American cyktyre as multiple , hybrid, and heterogeneous. It will do so through three sections: section one will introduce students to classical, cultural, and media concepts as well as relevant keywords outlined by Asian American Studies scholars; section two will review the work of Asian American cultural theorists; section three will focus on analyses of particular Asian American cultural productions. In doing so, students will gain an understanding of the shifting and interlocking tensions among the local, the national, and the global that form the cultural geographies of Asian America.
Asian Americans in Film
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Cross-listed with: AMST328W.
Credit only granted for: AAST355, AAST398L or AMST328W.
Formerly: 398L.
Explores how Asian Americans have historically been represented in the U.S. by Hollywood, and in turn, how independent and Hollywood Asian American filmmakers have represented themselves. It covers the history of racial, gendered, and sexualized representations of Asian Americans in Hollywood, as well as Asian American filmic responses within and outside Hollywood. It also introduces how four basic tools of film analysis mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing and sound work together to create meaning in moving images. It examines how these elements are put together in three different types of films by Asian American filmmakers: narrative, documentary, and experimental. How films function in society to circulate ideas that reproduce and challenge stereotypes about Asian Americans.
Filipino American History and Biography
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F
Cross-listed with: AMST323.
Credit only granted for: AAST363, AMST323, AAST398D, or AMST328J.
Formerly: AAST398D.
Focus is placed on Filipino American experiences with an emphasis on identity, community building and organizing to influence public policy We will cover pertinent events from the US and Philippine history in order to understand the impact of colonialism, migration, immigration and assimilation on Filipino Americans.
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Independent Research
Credits: 1 - 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Growing Up Asian American: The Asian Immigrant Family and the Second Generation
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg
Cross-listed with: AMST324, IMMR394.
Credit only granted for: AAST394, AAST398E, AMST324, AMST328V, IMMR319G or IMMR394.
Formerly: AAST398E.
An interdisciplinary course examines the experiences of children of Asian immigrants in the U.S., focusing on intergenerational dynamics in the Asian immigrant family, their intersections with race, gender, class, sexuality, and religion, and how these shape second-generation Asian American life. Topics include identity and personhood, the model minority myth and education, work and leisure, language and communication, filiality and disownment, mental health and suicide.
Asian American Women and Gender
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Credit only granted for: AAST498G or AAST422.
Formerly: AAST498G.
Examines Asian/American cultural production along with theories of gender and sexuality in the field of Asian American Studies. We consider how Asian American femininities/masculinities are conceived and circulated, drawing from a diverse selection of twentieth-century and contemporary texts, films and images that connect Asian American bodies to ideas of absence, danger, inscrutability, hyper- or hypo-sexuality, and virulence. Beginning with early to mid-twentieth century representations, the course attends to theories that clarify the contested relationship between the East/West and Asia/U.S. Also examined are the methods through which bodies differentiated by sex, gender, and race are managed, surveilled, and rehabilitated, with close attention to the enduring legacies of American expansionism and conquest, anti-immigration policies in the U.S., and twentieth-century wars and occupations in Asia. The course engages Women of Color feminisms, queer theory, and disability studies.
Cross-listed with WGSS498I. For Fall 2024, credit only granted for AAST498G, AAST422, or WGSS498I.
South Asian American Literature and Culture
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Credit only granted for: AAST440 or AAST498W.
Formerly: AAST498W.
Examines writing by South Asian American authors and authors writing about South Asian American issues. It explores major South Asian diaspora themes, considering how migration, war, the events of 9/11, global capitalism, and the changing socio-political and racial scene have affected South Asians in the United States. We will use a transnational approach to consider how writers and filmmakers explore gender, class, religious, caste, and other differences amongst South Asian Americans. We will also examine the place of South Asian Americans in relation to other Asian American populations. We will consider how South Asian American texts disrupt traditional literary classifications based on national identities by reflecting the complex global conditions, imperialistic and capitalistic expansion, and interconnectedness of peoples, nations, and cultures that have transformed American literature and conceptions of American identity.
Asian American Politics
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Cross-listed with: AMST498J, GVPT368C.
Credit only granted for: AAST498T, AAST443, GVPT368C or AMST 498J.
Formerly: AAST498T.
Students will gain a greater understanding of 1) the role of Asian Americans in US politics, 2) the political attitudes and behaviors of Asian Americans and 3) how to conduct research on Asian American politics. Though the class will concentrate on Asian Americans, issues related to Asian American politics will be examined within the larger context of America's multicultural political landscape.
Advanced Topics in Asian American Studies; Fresh Pages: Asian American Creative Voices Workshop
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Is there a particular way to tell an Asian American story? Do our lived experiences as Asian Americans affect the kinds of stories we tell? In this workshop, we will explore how different Asian American writers have tried to tell their stories and develop our own voices. Focusing on the process rather than the product, the primary goal is to help you discover the vast possibilities open to you through your writing and practice craft. Of course, you will gain invaluable feedback from fellow classmates through writing workshops, which will be structured to be rigorous and nurturing, providing you constructive critique. This class is open to anyone who is passionate about exploring narrative techniques, writing their own stories, and looking to develop a keener editorial eye for their own work. Students enrolled in this course will be expected to serve on the editorial team of Fresh Pages Journal: reviewing manuscripts, offering feedback, and assisting with the editorial process.