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Courses - Summer 2021
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Selected Topics in History; Online and in the Streets: Protest and Activism in Latin American Feminist Movements
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Cross-listed with LASC348A and WMST379L. Credit only granted for LASC348A, WMST379L, or HIST328I.

An interdisciplinary approach to Latin American and Caribbean history, culture, and politics, through the lenses of feminist protest and activism. The class explores how activists fight for change, both online and in the streets and how feminists agendas changed over time. We consider ideas of space, sexuality, gender, and nation as they intersect with race and class, explore women's movements in the 20th century, and examine current feminist agendas and the gendered implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Note: this class has a synchronous component.

This is a Global Classrooms course, developed in partnership with the Office of International Affairs (OIA) to provide virtual opportunities for global engagement. Global Classrooms can range from embedded experiences to immersive, project-based collaboration. Learn more about Global Classrooms: go.umd.edu/gc-umd.