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Courses - Fall 2024
University Honors
Open Seats as of
06/12/2024 at 05:30 PM
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg
How do ordinary citizens power democracy? At the age of 18, every American citizen is endowed with the right to vote, but what if democracy demands more than voting? With democratic processes seemingly in peril all around us, what can and should ordinary citizens do to safeguard democracy? Looking beyond the basic right to vote, this class will instead explore the complex ecosystem of citizenship practices necessary for collective self-governance. Turning to both philosophy and history, the course material addresses the power and peril of such civic habits as mutual aid, economic participation, tolerance, attention, organizing, protest, and more. We consider what resources these habits require, what virtues they inspire, and what happens when they conflict with each other. Students in this course will acquire the tools to develop and act on their own answer to the pressing question of what it will take to save democracy.
Restricted to UH students matriculating in Fall 2020 or later.

HNUH278B is the required I-Series course in the Civil Bonds thematic cluster. Civil Bonds courses will be offered through Spring 2025.