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Courses - Fall 2023
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Valuation in Corporate Finance
Credits: 2
Grad Meth: Reg
Prerequisite: BUFN610.
Restriction: Must be in one of the following programs (Business and Management (Master's); Business and Management (Master's)) ; or permission of BMGT-Robert H. Smith School of Business.
Credit only granted for: BUFN630, BUFN714, BUFN750, BUFN753, or BMGT730.
Formerly: BUFN750.
An advanced corporate finance course focusing on valuation. The main objective is to apply the concepts covered in the introductory finance class through real-life applications (cases) and use valuation estimates to guide and communicate investment decisions. The topics include building Pro Forma statements and forecasting future cash flows, dynamic cash flow models, estimating the cost of capital, implementing the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and Adjusted Present Value (APV) methods, and using real options techniques (binomial and Black and Scholes models as well as Monte Carlo simulations) to value companies and projects.