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Courses - Fall 2023
Information Studies
Special Topics in Information Studies; Consumer Health Informatics
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, Aud
In this course, we investigate Consumer Health Informatics and Information Behavior, focusing most heavily on their intersection - Consumer Health Information Behavior. We explore people's health- related information needs and whether, how, and why people seek out and use (or do not seek out and use) health information. We also look at information avoidance, health behaviors, health literacy, digital health literacy, doctor-patient communication, and patient- to-patient communication. Throughout the course, we emphasize the importance of health justice - a world in which everyone has an adequate and equitable capability to be healthy. We will identify populations that experience social injustice and explore information-related factors that contribute to the health inequities they face and the resulting consequences. Our central aim in the course is to conceive of ways to facilitate people's access to health information and their health-related information seeking, and to promote health justice for all.