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Courses - Spring 2024
Accounting and Information Assurance Department Site
Open Seats as of
07/14/2024 at 10:30 PM
(Perm Req)
Credits: 2
Grad Meth: Reg
Restriction: Must be in Business and Management (Master's) program; or permission of BMGT-Robert H. Smith School of Business.
Credit only granted for: BUAC758O or BUAC735.
Formerly: BUAC758O.
The study of the independent accountants attest function, generally accepted auditing standards, compliance and substantive tests, and auditor reports and opinions. The course explores audit planning and the role of internal controls and their effect on the auditability of financial statements. The course includes the study of various audit concepts, including how auditors develop an audit strategy, determine materiality in various contexts, set the acceptable level of audit risk, assess control and inherent risk and set detection risk, develop audit objectives, accumulate audit evidence and prepare workpapers, and audit firm quality control.