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Courses - Spring 2024
Full-Time MBA Program
Open Seats as of
02/21/2024 at 07:30 PM
Marketing Research Methods
Credits: 2
Grad Meth: Reg
Prerequisite: BUSM606; and BUSM612.
Restriction: Must be in Business and Management (Master's) program; or permission of BMGT-Robert H. Smith School of Business.
Credit only granted for: BUMK701 or BUSM701.
Formerly: BUMK701.
The process of acquiring, classifying and interpreting primary and secondary marketing data needed for intelligent, profitable marketing decisions. Evaluation of the appropriateness of alternative methodologies, such as the inductive, deductive, survey, observational, and experimental. Recent developments in the systematic recording and use of internal and external data needed for marketing decisions.
Cross-listed with BDBA858D.Credit only granted for BUSM701 or BDBA858D