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Courses - Spring 2024
Engineering, Civil Department Site
Open Seats as of
05/22/2024 at 12:30 PM
Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering; Research Methods Seminar
Credits: 1
Grad Meth: Reg, Aud
Intended for PhD and MSc students engaged in or contemplating dissertation or thesis research. It is strongly recommended for PhD candidates to develop their research topic and build strong research capability. The course provides a sound understanding of the enterprise of engineering research, from selecting a thesis topic, to the development of a research proposal, to planning and executing a research plan, to writing a dissertation and publishable articles. Students will review published research reports, conduct a literature survey, and write a preliminary research proposal. Students will carry out assignments involving design of small experiments, and learn how to statistically analyze data and report results. The course comprises lectures from PM faculty and guest lecturers.

See instructor for details pertaining to in-person class meetings.