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Courses - Spring 2024
Hearing and Speech Sciences Department Site
Open Seats as of
06/22/2024 at 05:30 PM
Hearing Aids II Lab
Credits: 1
Grad Meth: Reg
Prerequisite: HESP700, HESP700B.
Corequisite: HESP701.
Laboratory experience covering clinical procedures addressed in concurrent academic course, Hearing Aids 2 (HESP701). This laboratory is 1-credit and graded separately from HESP 701. Students will be given the opportunity for hands-on practice in the use of amplification devices for the treatment of hearing impairment. As the second lab in the course series, students will be able to perform the assessment, selection, fitting, verification, validation, adjustment, modification, counselling, and troubleshooting activities required for amplification-based aural (re)habilitation independently.