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Courses - Spring 2024
Information Studies
Open Seats as of
07/18/2024 at 09:30 AM
Cross Disciplinary Communication Lab
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, P-F, Aud
Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C- in INST380; and a minimum grade of C- in Professional Writing General Education requirement.
Restriction: Must be in the Technology and Information Design program.
Explores the world of communicating the ideas behind the things we make. In design, the product tends to be the prize: a manifestation of experience, sensibilities, and observations. But products do not always articulate a complete picture of what they are and how they came to be. Communication--speaking, writing, depicting, presenting to various audiences--is an under-leveraged component of design, connecting the product with emotion, process, context, and most importantly, the audience.