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Courses - Spring 2024
Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health
Open Seats as of
02/24/2024 at 10:30 PM
Airborne Infection: The Science of COVID-19 and prevention of future pandemics
Credits: 3
Grad Meth: Reg, Aud
Credit only granted for: MIEH415 or MIEH615.
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the elusive pathway - the aerobiological pathway - of infection transmission remains controversial and the world remains unprepared to control pandemic respiratory viruses. This course will focus on the science of infectious disease aerobiology and explore the historical roots of confusion and current political-economic forces that impede understanding and control of airborne infection transmission. Emphasis will be on reading and interpretation of original literature, understanding and using basic mathematical models, and evaluation of intervention strategies in the context of the hierarchy of hazard controls in public health.