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Courses - Summer 2024
Online MBA Program
Open Seats as of
07/19/2024 at 09:30 AM
Ethical Leadership
Credits: 2
Grad Meth: Reg
Restriction: Must be in Business and Management (Master's) program; or permission of BMGT-Robert H. Smith School of Business.
Credit only granted for: EMBA678 or BUSO704.
This course will examine business ethics issues across a variety of business contexts. You will learn toapply a number of ethical theories to business problems, primarily through case studies and discussion.The goal is for you to engage actively with the material and understand the complexity of many ethical dilemmas that businesses and business owners face. Often in ethics there is not one right answer; rather,businesses and individuals must wrestle with ethical principles that may compete and conflict with one another in arriving at a resolution. We will explore conflicts between personal values and organizationalgoals, ethics as part of a business strategy, and various ethical frameworks businesses may use in understanding and implementing ethical approaches to problems.